Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Think Before You Splurge.......!

with the marriage season having just begun, here's a relevant comment of mine that was published in the "OPEN FORUM" column of the Daily Newspaper "CENTRAL CHRONICLE" on 10th May, 2008.

I even won the FIRST PRIZE for this comment. Only, that the "Central Chronicle" has never sent me that prize money till date, even after repeated emails, letters and reminders. and surely, they don't intend to send it now.

well, that's another story that i'll write about later. you know how it is with creators....the likes of writers, painters etc. people want to use their work but don't want to pay for it.

anyway, for now, happy reading!!!//best//mg

Open Forum: Central Chronicle

Should marriage dinner parties be simple ?

Yes, definitely! With India shining and Indians getting more affluent by the day, marriage celebrations are increasingly becoming more lavish and wasteful. They’re more an event to establish one’s prosperity and affordability rather than just a celebration of the marriage itself. Money spent on food alone is exorbitant. It’s not all that necessary to have an entire line-up of dishes just to match or exceed that of your competitors or peers as a lot of food goes waste.

With India, shining from one side and dark from the other, having people who’ve to fight for their daily bread and many a time sleep empty stomach, it would be worthwhile if the budget of the marriage dinner be slashed and the balance amount utilized in feeding mouths that really ‘need to eat to survive’ rather than overstuffing those already bulging figures whose health will be better off if they ate less!

Manisha Gupta

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  1. today everyone wants to just showoff.you made a very valid point that instead of wasting so much food and money in marriges people should use that money to help the poor.if you put so much food in marriges people will think what a showoff you are but if you help the poor the will give you blessings.don't waste instead help the poor.