Friday, November 10, 2017

Two Awards at the JIFF-1st New Delhi Short Film Festival 2017.......

This week has been good for me.

After the screening of 2 of my films in the Dehradun International Film Festival on 6th Nov. 2017,
yesterday, 9th Nov. i got 2 awards for films- "THE DEADLY VALENTINE !!"
and "BROOMERANG !!".

So "The Deadly Valentine !!" receives its second Award in 3 days ! ......

"BROOMERANG !!" got the Special Festival Mention Award for the Best Short Fiction in the category "CLEAN DELHI, GREEN DELHI" , at the inaugural New Delhi Short Film Festival, 2017, held here yesterday, November 9, 2017  at the India International Centre (IIC). This is a film on the "SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAAN", a satire.

Earlier this year, "BROOMERANG !!" was also an Official Selection at the Government of India Short Film competition -" SWACHH SANKALP SE SWACHH SIDDHI"-2017.

Receiving the Award for the short film "BROOMERANG !!" .........

One can see the Hero of the film, ATULYA GUPTA, in the Poster:

"THE DEADLY VALENTINE !!" received an Appreciation Award at the same festival.

Some photos from the Award Ceremony at IIC:

And here is the star cast of "THE DEADLY VALENTINE !!".........
My daughter  Aparajita Gupta  and myself....

Poster of the film:

Some more photos:


Manisha Gupta

Monday, November 6, 2017

Received Award from the Great Shri SAGAR SARHADI Ji......,

Had 2 of my short films - "GRANDFATHER'S GOLDEN SECRET !!"  and "THE DEADLY VALENTINE  !!" screened at the 3rd Dehradun International Film Festival, 2017, held from 3rd to 5th Nov. 2017.

The films were screened on Sunday,  November 5  at the Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun.
It was a great feeling to have my films screened in my Hometown !!

But the bigger and greater honour was of having my films screened in the presence of  the great Bollywood Screenplay Writer, Director and Filmmaker   Shri SAGAR SARHADI Ji......... and to add to it, the greatest honour for me till date of  receiving my Award from Shri Sarhadi Ji.....

The Script writer for great Bollywood hit Romantic films like KABHIE-KABHIE, SILSILA, CHANDNI, DEEWANA, KAHO NAA PYAAR HAI etc.  , Shri Sarhadi ji has directed and made highly acclaimed films like BAZAAR.

I am truly honoured.

Photos of the Award ceremony held at Hotel Solitaire, Dehradun. Receiving the Award from Shri Sagar Sarhadi ji.

Here is a clipping of the Newspaper "Rashtriya Sahara" of Nov 5, 2017.

Here are some photos from the screening of my films:

Here you can see the Actor, Atulya Gupta, who played the roles of the Grandfather as well as the Grandson  in the short film  "Grandfather's Golden Secret !!" . 

This film has been nominated at a Film fest in BERLIN, been on the Longlist at a festival in the US and a SEMI-FINALIST  at one in LOS ANGELES.

Here's the Poster of the film: 

Before this, Atulya has acted in shorts "HAPPINESS IS........", which won 14 accolades in film festivals globally, "BROOMERANG..!!" , "The "CALL" Centre" and "The Mindset" and given background narration for "A Rainy Date..!!", all of which have been nominated at international film festivals in India and Abroad. 

Atulya is a budding lawyer, a 1st year student at NLU-Delhi.

Some more photos from the Award ceremony:

In the picture below you can see me with my daughter, Aparajita..........the star cast of "THE DEADLY VALENTINE !!".........

Here's the poster of "The Deadly Valentine !!":


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Short Film Nominated at 6th DSIFF 2017.........

Short film "MATHS of FREEDOM...??" has been nominated at the 6th Delhi Shorts International film festival-17.

It is scheduled for screening today, 29 October 2017.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Script WINNER at BERLIN..........

My new Script -  "CALLED" by NATURE...??  - is a WINNER at an International Film Festival in BERLIN, September 2017.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Screenplay Semi-Finalist at MANHATTAN 2017.......

My Screenplay "BOOKED" for MURDER...??  is a Semi-Finalist at the MANHATTAN Short Film Festival-2017, in their Short Screenplay Competition.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Screenplay.........."FALL" In SPRING...??

Film...............HAPPINESS IS...............


Monday, August 14, 2017

Screenplay Nominated in Italy.....

The Screenplay  "FALL" In SPRING...??  has been nominated at an upcoming International Short Film Festival in Palermo in ITALY.