Monday, November 22, 2010

Live Life Rather Than Leave it !!!

Here's sharing with you my latest article published in the Nov. issue of The Focus Global Reporter.

Countering Negatives for Spiritual Bliss
Manisha Gupta

We always tend to feel depressed whenever a negative event happens in our life. Quite natural! Nobody ever can or will feel good about something bad happening to them. But the catch is in en-cashing these negative events in one’s life.

Just like friction is a negative or opposing force but a necessity that helps us do a number of things the most important being walking and running, so do other negative forces. You will agree that pleasant events make one happy and satisfied and therefore in a way give up on certain things. If I say the negative forces are as necessary in life as friction in walking, I wouldn’t be wrong. I feel from personal experience that the more the opposing forces or adverse circumstances, the more it propels one forward.

When all is well we seldom strive to reach out for difficult things. But in adverse circumstances, we unknowingly try much harder, put in much more effort and bring out all the hidden strength of the body, the mind and the inner self. This helps us achieve even the most unachievable of tasks and at the same time helps realize our hidden talent and potential to the maximum.

The wrongs that people do to us and the negative incidents that life throws in our face of course hurt a lot, cause insufferable pain and emotional upheaval. But all the same these very incidents push us forward and at times beyond boundaries that we ever dreamt of had those negative forces not worked against us. This is the hidden essence of the negative events. They open doors of opportunity that we never imagined existed. They also push our performance beyond our regular capabilities.
Therefore, to be an achiever, it is the negatives in life that are more important than the positives. Simply because when everything is right, we’re happy and contended and seldom strive to work at something but when things go wrong, we try to win against all odds. Winners are those who convert negatives into winning opportunities. So make the most of the negatives in life because it is these that will make you realize your true and hidden potential and help you achieve great heights!

Once you are able to overcome difficulties, counter negatives, face tough situations and come out of it all a winner, your sense of achievement will know no bounds. But more than achievement, it is the internal satisfaction of having fought with life’s trials and tribulations that gives you a rare kind of inner strength and mental peace. This state of calm and serene, both in the mind and the heart, is what one can truly term as spiritual bliss. It is all about the upliftment of the self to a higher plane. So, spirituality is not about renouncing the world and shunning all duties and responsibilities.

It is rather more about living life than leaving life!


  1. manisha,
    Your this article addresses the issue of equilibrium in life or a growth oriented disequilibrium which ensures that one carries on with life in its true manifestation with all the accompanying hardships.
    there are also no free lunches in life. But what I like most about this approach is the positivity associated with the adversity and an understanted and mature optimism.
    Hope I draw some lessons from this and live a fuller and richer life.
    Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. it is true that negatives only push us towards positives.negatives bring out the talent in you that was always hidden inside you.1 negative incident can push you to a great negative is the one great force that can make you achieve very difficult tasks also.