Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Global Emotional Cooling


Had the opportunity of attending a panel discussion on “Promoting Healthy Living: Role & Responsibilities of school” at DPS-RKP, New Delhi yesterday. And it was good to hear the concerns I wrote in “Always Connected” the other day, being discussed there too.

Such workshops and efforts should form a necessary part of school education these days. Other schools should take cue and emulate such good practices. Moreover, apart from the physical & mental health, Emotional health of the younger generation is one aspect which needs much more attention than it is being given already, as also discussed during this workshop.

Coming to emotional health, it is all about understanding the heart more than the head. And believe me, the former is a much much more tougher job. For, understanding someone’s mind requires brains, intellect and logic but to understand someone’s heart, you need a heart, which is hard to find these days.

People have become heartless….., if I may say so without raising a storm….
With global warming reaching such heights that it resulted in melting of the global economy as well, apart from the glaciers, but somehow people’s hearts have hardened and emotions cooled. Don’t know if this is a side effect of global warming, Nature trying to balance one warming with another cooling, but surely, what we all want is not melting of the glacial ice or economy but that of the heart.

For, if we start warming our hearts to others, again Nature will probably create a balance, and environmental temperatures may come within reasonable limits.
So all you young people out there (and iam sure most of you are), take more care of your heart, let it “feel”, let it “breathe”, let it “melt” and believe me, you’ll feel stronger & lighter at the same time and definitely happier. But surely, before taking any decisions, don’t forget to consult your mind.

It is all about striking a balance…….between the head and the heart. But for God’s sake…… do have a heart!

Here’s sharing something with you that I wrote for my son’s school notebook as a mother’s message

“follow your heart for it is seldom wrong! But act & react with your mind for you must live intelligently!”



  1. I loved the part about the Earth warming up and people's hearts becoming cold. A brilliant article.

  2. the part i liked most was the need to have a heart first before one thinks about striking a balance between the heart and the mind.

    A touching exposition of sensitivities of the heart in this kalyug.

  3. melting of glaciers is easy than melting of hearts.there is global warming but people's hearts are still as cold as ice.a human should be a kind hearted and soft hearted person instead of a cold hearted is very important to melt your hearts and be soft hearted.