Monday, November 8, 2010

Always Connected

Hi all!

Am back after the Diwali break! Hope you all had a great time.

The festival of lights sure brought me more thoughts & realizations along with all the festive goodies & sweets. Suddenly more insights dawned on me and the twinkling Diyas brought to light more facts of today’s lifestyles.

We’d just stepped out of the house to do some Diwali shopping when we received this sms from our offspring “Ma, going for my bath. Will take 15 mins”. Don’t laugh but this is how it is now. Everyone is connected to everyone ALL the time. Thanks to the great mobile revolution. As if computers, internet & email weren’t enough. The slow pace of communication of the olden days….from the “Kabootar Jaa Jaa Jaa….” age to the postman’s bicycle “ghanti” days to the email, chat, and now mobile & sms days…….to fast paced instant communication of today, we’ve come a long way. Only, now no way is long. No waiting, no anticipation, no “pyaar ka intezaar” or longing for the loved one. No excitement, no tension, no confusion. It’s all a matter of seconds. The deal or ordeal is over. And you move on.

Gen-now knows no waiting. Can’t wait to connect, to talk, to communicate. Every little thing. But amidst all this great speed of connectivity with anyone, anywhere around the globe, haven’t we forgotten to connect with ourselves?? Where are we running to all the time? And for what? Being always connected to others has left us little time to ourselves. To be ourselves, to think, to ponder, to look back. We literally have “no time to stand and stare”. Forget look at how and “where squirrels hide their nuts in grass” but we don’t even have time to delve into what thoughts lie hidden in our own minds or what emotions lie beneath our tender hearts.

Too much communication and too much open-ness actually kills the communication. I guess the essence of communication lies in not communicating somethings, sometimes. I feel at times it is those words unsaid that have more value than those said. Leave some words unsaid.

Stop, think, look …beyond the visible visibles and delve deeper into the depths of life to discover more of yourself and more about the life we seem to live!!!!


  1. hi!
    Happy Diwali!

  2. manisha great article. keep it up.

  3. Dear Manisha,
    You have raised very pertinent points related to the communication issues in today’s instant world. Children do not read, think and reflect but want to be instantly connected. They have not visualized a world without TV and mobile and are nor interested in thinking and visualization. At this time of Diwali it is a very appropriate and thought ful article.
    Keep it up.

  4. A very well expressed article. Introspection is what one needs. A person cannot be with everyone all the time “for men may come and men may go” (men being indicative of both genders). As long as you live, only your conscience will be with you and no one else will be there (always). Thus, one needs to take out time to introspect and self evaluate. In this well connected world, connecting with others is necessary but the most important thing is to connect with oneself. So introspect and connect with yourself.

  5. a very good and emphasizing everyone thinks of getting connected to othersbut no one thinks of getting connected tohimself.first connect to your ownself and then try to connect to others.give more time to yourself than others.