Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hindi Poetry Book "ALFAAZ...." is out !

In keeping with its objective of promoting new/unpublished/first time writers, LOGIHQ has published a collection of Hindi poems by Nikhil Uprety.

The book is titled   "ALFAAZ....."

This is Nikhil's First ever book.

Enjoy reading his creations.

Through the publishing arm of LOGIHQ, we aim to give an opportunity to all aspiring authors/poets.
For writers of Hindi, particularly Poetry in Hindi, there are not many avenues to get their writings see the light of day.
It is for such creative writers that we provide an opportunity to see their works published as a book, even if it is their first ever book.
 So, all you creative writers out there, don't worry over publishing of your book, just concentrate on your writing and send your publishing worries to us  at


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