Friday, July 23, 2010


talking about Blogging here's something i wrote about it long back. This article was published in The Hindu on March 9, 2008. Blogging i feel is in actuality closed emotions pouring on an open page!

Closed emotions


The article “Disconnected connections” (Open Page, February 3) was a true depiction of the younger generation’s mental and emotional turmoil pouring out in open forums. Stupid as it may sound, it is a most necessary human need and internal disturbances not finding an outlet may lead to serious problems. And if the outpourings do find place on social-networking or blog sites, it leads to dangerous consequences. It cuts both ways.

While there are no different reasons for youngsters’ feelings today from those in the olden days, the consequences are much more complex because today children’s level of awareness and maturity is way beyond their age. Rising expectations add to the problem.

Growing up has been pre-poned, maturity coming sooner than desired. Well, speed is not always good. Today’s generation is quite open and verbal. Shyness or hitch is now passé. Society has drastically transformed into a much more “open society.” This has positive and negative connotations.

Parents and children now share a more open relationship but still at times the former may feel uncomfortable about issues which the latter are quite at ease with, because of information overexposure and verbal and open societal systems.

Rapid transformation

Of course, the entire onus does not lie with the children. It rather is an ill-effect of the rapid transformation our society has undergone. From TV to computer and internet to modernisation to globalisation, well we can blame any or all these advancements. We have become too computerised and want instant answers. We do not have time to sit back and reflect on causes and effects and think out solutions.

Our life today is so jam-packed with “activities” that we hardly have any free time, literally “no time to stand and stare,” not even at our own family, elders and children. No time to watch them grow old or mature.

Parents are busy running the rat race to success, positions, or money or all. Most mothers are working and families nuclear. Children generally do not have anyone to monitor them apart from a “Bai” who at most can feed their stomachs but not fill their hearts with love or be an emotional pillow or mental comfort.

Keeping a diary

Acknowledge it or not, but we have always had so much in our hearts and minds that we wanted to tell somebody — parents, siblings or well meaning friends. In the event of none of these possibilities, it was our very own “diary.” We could write anything, pour out extreme anger, terrible hurt or failure or intense dejection. From our hates to our mental and emotional agonies, our dear diary bore the brunt and the weight of it all without ever betraying.

This was a very personal and secret outpouring which nobody could ever access. Blog sites are nothing but a “public avtar” of this “private diary.” All the same, it’s all about “writing” and “sharing” one’s emotional pains to move into the world of happiness.

That is it. Everyone wants someone who’ll listen to him but no one has time. Parents and children both do not have time. The easiest solution to this apparently complex problem is “finding time” by cutting down on unnecessary running around and “spending time together.”

A “heart to heart” is all that is needed to know, understand and be involved with the children in their process of emotional and physical maturity, being part of their failures and successes and mental insecurities. This will provide better solutions as well as bonding rather than dangerous blogging.


  1. iliked your article a lot.your article has creative emotions and a very good sense of writing.

  2. this article has really opened my mind. the article clearly shows the changing trends of how people express their very personal feelings and i commpletely agree that such things should be kept as personal as possible.

    waiting to be enlightened.........

  3. The issues you have raised are very very important and relevant in today's fast paced life. A child is a complex mix of emotions, memories, values, ideals, aspirations, ambitions and future growth impulses. The richness of their personalities are dependent on the amount of time energy and emotions invested by their parents and closed ones and the sensitivities nurtured in them in a modular fashion over a period of time. When they go through depression, emotional stress, confusion and a stage of self discovery, they ask questions and need to be guided to find their own answers by a process of being assisted and facilitated rather than given instant solutions. This process of self discovery prepares them for future struggles and inculcates values and ideals helps enrich their personalities and imparts a maturity and depth which holds them in good stead and generates impulses for creating societal value.