Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blogging & Praying

Hi !
Am finally out of my writer’s block
and back to writing of the blog !
Ideas have once again begun flowing
and am now probably in the rhythm for blogging!

It suddenly strikes me that blogging is more like praying. Strange! But true all the same. You write with nobody particular in mind and you don’t know whether someone is going to read it at all and if someone does read what you write, then is he going to comment or not. Like when you pray, you just pray that God hears you but you don’t really know for sure whether He is going to and if at all He does, then whether He is going to convey his reaction to you or not. But that’s it. You just keep shooting. Into a space of nowhere and everywhere, both at the same time.

But with the passage of time, it is you yourself who takes precedence over everything. What I mean is don’t you then just write or pray because it has become a habit with you. You don’t really bother whether some reader is going to read it or not (just like you pray everyday irrespective of God hearing it or not!). also, you don’t anymore wait for comments like you stop bothering about getting a reply from the Almighty.

You write or you pray because it makes you yourself feel good. You’ve been able to come out with your thoughts (and your prayers) and put them in the massive space outside of yourself. Maybe you wanted to say those things to some special people but you realize that these days everyone is on the Net most of the time, so you too post your thoughts there where probably someone will see.

But, whichever way, it is more important for you to feel that you’ve said what was boiling inside you and needed to vapourize. Now, where it flew to or where it condensed on is not so much of an issue except that it is out of your mind space and heart space, out of your system. making more room for more thoughts to be later poured out on your blog.

That I guess is the beauty of blogging!


  1. well said, what a co-relation you have found. even blogging seems spiritual now.
    kudos for the discovery!!

  2. great discovery between blogging and spirituality. hope this gives you the wings to fly and soar higher and higher without bothering about others.

  3. Your article was great. when you share your thoughts with friends/relatives/other people on face book, blog etc. your heart becomes light, you are satisfied.blogging is actually like praying as you pray or blog but you don't know are people going to read your blog or not, they'll comment or praying you don't know that god will listen to your prayer or not, will he reply or not.