Thursday, March 27, 2014

You write, but don't know What to do next.................

You write and think you really really write well. and a couple of other people too think the same. But..............what next....????

now, if your answer to that question is "I don't know....but i wish i could ask someone..."
then this may be just for you.

LOGIHQ is soon going to offer advisory services to writers and aspiring authors. so if you are a writer, an emerging one and have a lot of questions and queries regarding writing, publishing etc. and a lot many more confusions about self-publishing, and what its all about, you may benefit from these services. You may be able to get the much needed advice & guidance regarding writing & publishing.
and, even the confidence or motivation to keep writing and even take the next big leap of publishing your book.

i get queries from many writers wanting to turn published authors but there are many questions & confusions in their minds about various aspects of writing and publishing. there are a number of writers who don't even have the confidence of approaching someone with their writings. there are many others who are not motivated enough to continue with their writing.

well, here's a good opportunity for you all and you can get your queries and questions & confusions sorted out so that you can move to the next stage in your writing process.

to learn more about the advisory services for writers, you can get in touch with my team  at

so, for all of you who write and don't know what to do next, here's your chance....................just grab it!!

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