Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why do you write.?........And.........Why do you want to publish your book?....................

Why do you write? if I were to ask you this question, your answer probably would be.........
because you feel like writing, putting on paper your inner most feelings, you feel like sharing your thoughts, your emotions, your opinions........with others.

 Which brings us to the second question- why do you want to publish your book? for precisely this reason....to let people read and share your feelings, emotions, thoughts   et al. You want to reach out to people, talk to them without talking to them, through your books. Isn't it??


  1. i write poem in hindi ...
    plz give me the path for it....

    1. Pankaj
      Good that you write poetry in Hindi. If you wish to publish your work,
      you can send your sample work along with your details to us at logihq@rediffmail.com

  2. I has been writing Hindi poems since my 6th standard.i am also writer of shayries.i want a chance.in rajasthan I got 1st prize in poem writing in 9th standard."bachpan se milti rahi bas salahen hame...koi aisa bhi to ho jo dikha de raahen hame..nanhi si aasha ab bhi bachi aankho me...koi chalana sikha de pakad k baanhen hame...Manjar
    pukhraj singh "manjar"

    1. Pukhraj

      Salaah bhi de sakte hain tumhen
      Raah bhi dikhaa sakte hain tumhen
      Agar tum kitaab chhapwaana chaaho
      To..wo manzil bhi dilaa sakte hain tumhen ..!!