Friday, May 3, 2013

New Venture..........................LOGIHQ

Have recently founded a start-up  LOGIHQ Training & Publishing Pvt. Ltd. (New Delhi)

The Hindi Poetry book - "Ahsaason Ka Guldasta"  (AKG) is our first initiative.

To place an order for this book, you can contact us on
Orders have already started pouring in.

Also, we have put out "call for entries"  for :

1. School Students (Short Story writing)
2. All (HAIKU contest on HAPPINESS)
3. Senior Citizens  (English Poetry writing)

All these initiatives will culminate in books which will be published by LOGIHQ.

So if you are into creative writing of any nature, here's a great opportunity for you to see your work published in a book. What's more, we at LOGIHQ give our writers a page of FREE space to display their photo & brief profile in the book for which their creation has been selected.

For more details check our Blog & Website

we specially promote new writers / first-time writers /unpublished writers of all age groups- specially children & senior citizens/ elders.

so all you writers what are you waiting for ? let your imagination run wild and let your emotions flow through your heart & your creativity through your mind  onto the challenging blank white paper.......!!

Happy Writing...!!!



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