Monday, February 6, 2012

'Agony Path'.....????????

On the children's insistence about not missing a Hrithik Roshan movie,and in inspite of us resisting spending a Sunday watching blood & violence, the children won and we finally did go and see "Agnipath". but alas it proved to be an "AGONY PATH".......!!

As usual,

the good only shed tears
& the bad men everyone fears

and as if this wasn't enough
there was more & more gory stuff !!

I wonder why the film had so much violence.

why does one go to watch a movie?...for entertainment, for leisure, for happiness i believe. while you have Pizzas delivering happiness at home in 30 minutes, cars giving you keys to happiness, houses being built to provide you happiness, coke allowing you to "open happiness".... and drink it too, many other products offerring you this important ingredient of life ....HAPPINESS, then why, pray tell me, do film makers want to take away all the happiness of spending a beautiful Sunday watching a great movie??

why can't we have movies also, which give us happiness some form or the know visual, mental,spiritual whatever form?? atleast we should be saved from travelling on the 'Agony Path' ....!!!

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