Saturday, July 16, 2011

THUNDERSTORM.....Within...or.. without..???

here's another heart touching creation from an anonymous reader.should i call it " The Anonymous Thunderstorm "....????


Thunderstorm !!

A powerful storm in the sky
ripping though a calm, peaceful night
Only, I am not sure
if it is outside in the night ..
or deep inside within me

Heaps and heaps of clouds
which were probably calm a few moments before
Though who knew
what they were carrying within them
a quiet, serene look from outside
or a real big storm inside

Lightening, ripping through the universe
time and again, and then again
sudden, unannounced, unpredictable, powerful,
but I am again not sure
if it is outside
or ripping through, inside my whole system

Loud, very loud
Very, very loud
Shaking the entire neighborhood
Or, probably, just about every cell in my body

Blinding rains
pouring down through the skies
making the night so very wet
though, is it really outside my window
or fully inside my chest

Tipper, tapper, tipper, tapper
Raindrops and flowing water
who knows, though, whether it is outside our house
or deep within me, probably unstoppable tears

Wet, very wet surroundings
Pools of water
Flowing and gushing
or, is it just those several million
random thoughts and feelings within me

Cool, very cool breeze
smashing windows,
tearing the coconut trees
or, only my whole system within

And finally
When calm descends
When everything is quiet again
Rains have stopped, clouds have gone
Can we say the same thing
for my storm within


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