Friday, June 10, 2011

Kahan Hai Dilli Ka Kanoon Aur Kaida …..???

here's an article published in "Focus Global Reporter",( May-June-2011 issue) under the title "Wither Law & Order in Delhi"


“Kahan Hai Dilli Ka Kanoon Aur Kaida …..
Kyon Hai Zurm Yehan Kuch Zyada …?”

Manisha Gupta

Going by the astronomically increasing figures of all kinds, types and varieties of crimes committed in Delhi alone, thrust into our faces each morning as we pick up the newspapers, I think this city is all out to set a ‘capital’ record of sorts.

From daring daylight robberies & murders to evening eve-teasing to midnight road rage cases, we have just about everything, anytime. The murders committed are in most cases more mysterious than the most mysterious Agatha Christie mysteries. The police have to really rack their brains in order to completely crack such complicated cases. The long pending Arhushi murder case isn’t yet anywhere close to a close and there is no trace of who actually was the culprit.

The newspapers said that this May may be much hotter than previous ones. Well, very true………in every sense. Because, going by the crime rate in this month, even if the Global Warming villain does spare Delhi of rising temperatures, May-2011 will still make it to the hottest mark… crime. From robbers striking a finance firm to the Bed-Box murder to the girl stalking & murder case to bike-borne thieves stealing over Rs 20 Lakh worth of Silver from a jeweller’s employee to the highly innovative MBA student who finally stole girls’ valuables but first stole their hearts to make his job easy,…… the list is long…. And scary.

It is not that crimes weren’t committed in the earlier days, but these days it seems to have become more a ‘norm’. Has it become so easy for the wrong doers? Aren’t they anymore afraid of the law? And is there any ‘law’ left? I guess our country- specially Delhi, being its capital, is leading by example -it no more sticks to rules, is not any more afraid of the law, which in most cases, it takes into its own hands.

When the capital of a country becomes so devoid of “Kanoon & Kaida” or rule & discipline, what else would prosper but crime? The authorities should probably come out with some very strict rules & regulations, and more importantly make sure that they are adhered to and followed. For those not following them, there should be strict fine or punishment. It is the laxity in enforcement of rules and law and allowing flexibility, ‘the chalo theek hai’ attitude, that is breeding crime and the wrong doers are becoming bolder by the day.

And this uncontrollable situation is showing its ill effects on other fronts in society. Due to so much crime all around, the citizens, specially the younger generation, are being addicted to crime thriller serials like CID, Surya-The Super Cop et al. Probably, this is a side effect of the prevalent situation. The serial and movie makers are churning out such stuff because in the current era, such incidents seem very real and life-like and thus are able to attract a huge number of viewers. And, the people are watching these for the same reasons, maybe also with the intention of probably becoming more alert and “qualified” to deal with such a situation……in case there does arise one.

Why can’t we become strict followers of discipline and rule and religious abiders of law just as they do in Singapore…?? But then, will our life become dull and boring or will we have more time for constructive and creative work……? Well, these and many more questions need our attention much more and we have to now start thinking- about the complexities of life, of relationships, of frustrations, of equations, of balance, of society- rather than just being glued to crime based serials…!!

Because, I strongly feel that life is all about relationships and, strange as it may sound, crime is also all about relationships. Only, in the latter case, it is about relationships gone sour.

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