Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Dear Japan..........

i have been too shocked by the turn of events at Japan in the past one week!

too shocked to even express the shock.

it pains me to see the country and the people so dear to me, undergo such wrath of nature.

since i have lived in Japan (Sapporo- the capital city of the northern most island-Hokkaido), i feel really pained. the country and its people have given me many many happy moments and happier memories to cherish forever.

this series of disasters just shouldn't have happened.
have been trying to contact all my friends there to find out if they are fine.

i do sincerely hope that The Land of the Rising Sun shall once again rise from this calamity and come out a still better nation.

all my best wishes for my Daisuki Nihon!!


  1. It is indeed terrible that a triple disaster of this magnitude should happen to some of the finest people on this earth.

    And it is also so reassuring to see there is so much calm and composure the people of Japan demonstrate in the face of this tragedy.

    May God give them strength to come out of this situation soon .. and to rebuild what they have lost !

  2. I feel the same. Hope they are able to get back to normal as soon as possible though its easier said than done. But still I pray and hope that God gives them enough courage to come out of this terrible situation.

    Also kudos to their efforts especially those like helping others. What touched me the most was students making and giving handmade pillows to others with sweet messages on them. Such gestures are needed at such a crucial moment.

    Hope that Japan springs back to life soon.

  3. i'm also very sad to hear about the sudden happenings at JAPAN.i hope the japanese get courage to counter their negatives into positives and rebuild their country even better than before.

  4. Japan as a nation is very resilient and stoic. It had been going through hard times for the last 2 decades, but the catastrophe of this magnitude takes the suffering to a different plane altogther. This kind of calamity can destroy the confidence of any country, not japan. THey are bearing the pain and suffering with admirable poise. May God give them the courage to stand up and rise from the ashes as astrong, prosperous and a happy nation once again.