Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Outrightly RUDE and Misbehaved Delhi

Manners & Etiquettes…………… Delhi? No way!

Read in the news that Dr Kiran Bedi has just come out with a new book, this one on Manners & Etiquettes, in view of the upcoming Common Wealth Games. I just hope

Delhi people WILL learn something. Though ofcourse, I doubt it.
Had gone to visit my Father-in-law at a Heart hospital yesterday, where he is admitted in the ICU. Forget about the cleanliness & hygiene part, here I’ll just refer to the behavior, manners & etiquettes part. My Brother-in-law just went to ask one of the Doctors there regarding something concerning his father’s treatment and you won’t believe the way that Doctor shouted an irritating “KYAAAAAAAAA……………” in response. Ridiculous! We don’t even talk to our servants like this. And this is how a Doctor at a HEART hospital treats his patient’s kin??? Come on DOCTORS, be PATIENT and for God’s sake have a HEART. And if you get time, do go through some book on manners & etiquettes.

Another example of rude behaviour came my way when we’d gone to the Lajpat Nnagar “Home Saaz” Furnishings showroom a few weeks back. The sales woman at the furnishings fabric counter was so outrightly rude, arrogant and misbehaved that she made us feel as if we as customers had gone to ask her for a favour. She didn’t know how to behave. Simple.

Now if a customer is treated badly in such a big showroom, what do you think we can expect at small shops. No wonder in Foreign countries when you go shopping, you feel good and you can go to the market even if you don’t want to buy anything. But in Delhi, I guess, one goes just because one needs to buy certain stuff. Thanks to some of the misbehaved people behind the counter.

So whether events like CWG come or not, I strongly feel Delhi needs to undergo training on Manners & Etiquettes anyway. People in this rude city MUST learn how to behave!!


  1. A very good article indeed. Delhi really needs to do training on manners and etiquettes. The main reason why people in Delhi do not go to markets except to get things which people need is that they do not get good service and apart from that the salesmen do not have manners and etiquettes. But this problem is never there in foreign. Delhi should really learn manners and etiquettes.

  2. A very apt article. Nowadays, manners have lost their relevance to a large extent. Shopkeepers in Delhi behave with customers as if shopkeepers are doing a favour to customers by listening to them. Surprisingly, some even make the customers fetch for what they want while the shopkeeper is busy watching the television. This is like telling a first time guest in your house to fetch water for himself/ herself. Not permissible. Seems like no one has heard of the phrase 'customer is king'. Customers are now treated as if they have no feelings and respect. Such behaviour cannot be tolerated at all. Further, manners are something that should come from within but if that's not possible they need to be imposed (taught).